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Equinox Yoga...

Equinox has the distinction of featuring the most sought after group fitness instructors, trainers, equipment, and experts in wellness. This club embodies quality, movement, and energy. Alison teaches both movement based classes here and sweet-like-honey restorative flows.


Providence! Health and Fitness...

Providence! Health and Fitness, located in New Providence, Is a beautiful space for healing and wellness of mind and body. Don't forget to book a massage with Kathy on your way out!

Student testimonial: "Alison is one of my favorites when it comes to yoga. Egos are checked at the door and Alison takes us through a special journey of our body, paying close attention to any issues the body is having... I suffered from severe anxiety and Alison was one person who helped me get out of my own way and get in tune with my body and let my mind release the outside world..." -N.S.

Deanna Carell Acupuncture...

​Each session at DCA is designed for the individual patient’s needs and may be adjusted during the course of treatment. In the initial visit we will go through your health history and goals for your treatment. Acupuncture is our main treatment modality however we do include other therapies in the office as well as products that will be taken or used at home in between office visits. We specialize in treating pain conditions as well as women and mens fertility. If you have a question about if you are a good candidate for our treatment protocols please contact us by phone or the link below to schedule a consultation with the acupuncturist.

"Set your life on fire

     Seek those who

         fan your flames.”



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